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26240822_10212727515997582_5809974385096659206_oPat Rodriguez-Carranza is a junior faculty of the Music Education Department, University of the Philippines College of Music, specializing on early childhood music education. Aside from the pursuit of socio-cultural enlightenment through writing for a more common audience, her other dreams are nothing more than ordinary: have a  farm, make her own hipster songs, publish a book of poems, and cosplay all the Studio Ghibli-Miyazaki heroines together with her children-to-be.





*Photographs and videos used in articles/essays always have their sources indicated. If you plan to use the original photos and videos, and also the word content (which means the article/essay) for educational,  non-profit-making purposes, please do so, provided that you know how to cite its source and creator. Other than those purposes, please do not use original works (including the word content) without my permission. Thank you. *


3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Thank you for this excellent article! How can I get in touch with Dr. Benicio?
    I am part of a choir in Jordan and would like to discuss potential cooperation between our choirs. Thank you.


      1. Thank you for your prompt reply. I have already contacted the UP Center for Ethnomusicology and am awaiting their response. Have a lovely day!


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